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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Preparing Kids for Today's America

Kids are America's tomorrow. Yet are we really preparing our kids for it?

I recently met a young couple from Dallas while working on a business deal who are doing something cool that is preparing their kids for the America of today and tomorrow. It is a blended family: her daughter and son are 10 and 11. Together they have a 3-month old. Each Tuesday night is "theme" night. One week it is Greek/Roman food - and they all dress up in togas or whatever. Another week is is a different food and part of the world. The kids even have to do research on the country/region. They tell me everyone loves it and they have great family time together doing it.

When these kids are adults, they will have a better understanding of the global community America will be part of at that time.

Brian and Michelle are examples of what parents all over America should be doing with their kids.

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