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Sunday, October 28, 2007

From South of the Border

Photo: Pacific Ocean from Mazatlan, Mexico

Flew into Mazatlan, on Mexico's Pacific coast, yesterday. A tourist today told me that a week ago the waves were over 10 feet high - caused by a hurricane in the Pacific that was long gone by the time I arrived. One hotel had put sandbags near their pool to keep out the ocean's high tide.

I saw one hotel that had built steel shutters to cover the patio windows --pretty gross. The others have glass balconies with no protection.

This little "ranchero" is a two story timeshare that has maybe 20 units. Very quiet. Everyone speaks English and is very nice. The photo is from a cabana looking out at sea.

My Verizon phone doesn't work here (it was supposed to), but the place does have wireless Internet so it isn't totally disconnected from the planet. However, when I pull up Google or blogger, the browser comes up in Spanish, not English! Fortunately, it didn't convert my blog into Spanish or I'd be in mucho trouble.

Over 10,000 Americans have retired here because it is so much cheaper than the U.S. It's 10 pesos to the buck. So Mexico is cheap for American travelers, just as the U.S.A. is now cheap to Canadians and Europeans since our currency has dipped so low against the Canadian "loonie" (dollar) and the Euro.

However, the hotels here have gotten smart and charge similar prices for food and drink. But you can still get a lobster dinner for two for $35 -- and breakfast for four was just under $40.

This morning the Pelicans were flying low over the waves in formation along the beach. And the sunset last night was stunning -- a big red ball.

If someone starts World War III, this would be a great place to sit it out. Coconuts grow on the trees and I doubt it is on anyone's missile target list.

Today Mexico set back its clocks 1 hour, a week ahead of the time change in the U.S. So frankly, I have no clue what time it is. And for the next few days I really don't care. Walking in the soft sand and enjoying the slower pace of life here is chicken soup for the soul...


Donna said...

Geeeeeez....envy..envy..envy..Enjoy yourself!!

Texas Viking said...

Mazatlan is a great city - more than just tourists. It has an historic center, fishing, etc. Check it out...