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Thursday, October 25, 2007

China Enters the Next Moon Race

Photo: China lunar orbiter blasts off

When I first went to China on pollution technology negotiations in 1982, they had no money and everyone rode bicycles. Now, China has launched a craft to orbit the moon, in preparation of putting Chinese astronauts on the moon in coming years.

China recently become only the third country to put astronauts in space and return them safely to earth. China is now a rich country, filled with automobiles and construction cranes, as its factories supply the U.S. with everything you can buy at Wal Mart ("Wally World"). They might beat NASA's return to the moon if we don't pay attention.

On the earthly, home front, the shoe was on the other foot. Yesterday a painter came by the condo to paint the front door. A black cat followed him inside, apparently because it likes to follow him around to check out everyone's place. Well, "Piper" the Cockatiel didn't like the presence of a cat one bit. She started fluttering her wings and making a racket.

The cat was last scene scurrying out of the place --running hellbent for leather. Personally, I like cats but this one had met its match with Piper. Apparently, I have a bird that intimates cats.

I am thinking of sending Piper to Washington -- to deal with DC Fat Cats!

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