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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jobs in Mexico Equals Less Immigration

For those who want to see illegal immigration stop I have a solution -- go to Mexico as a tourist -- because it creates jobs here that will keep people here.  

I'm here on business. Driving along the coast road it appeared as though the entire coast is under construction. 

Hotels and condos are going up all along the coast, from the old city to the new beaches to the north. In the city and on the road from the airport was a huge military presence, something I'd never seen before in previous trips to Mexico.

The people here are very polite and hard-working. I'm in a small hotel and the one guy manning the thatched-roof restaurant works from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Despite the hours and regardless of the time of day, Jose is entirely cordial with a dry sense of humor all day.  English is widely spoken and understood. The bus ride along the coast road is 50 cents. 

You can take a boat tour of a place called Stone Island that takes all day and only costs $35 with lunch, drinks, etc.

So if you want to cut immigration, come spend your dollars somewhere in Mexico. The tour guide on the Stone Island tour over weekend told me that tourism was now their No. 1 driver of the local economy. He and the boat crew worked diligently all day to keep everyone happy.  

I see business opportunities here for U.S. products as well.

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