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Friday, October 19, 2007

Robot Gun Goes Mad - Kills Nine. Future clone wars?

Photo: Ms. Bhutto narrowly escapes Al Qaida assassination attempt - Possible solution may be in South Africa

In South Africa a robot gun went out of control for unknown reasons and killed nine people. What made it so deadly is that it can even reload itself and keep firing. Nine South African soldiers were killed before it finally ran out of bullets.

Remember the Terminator movies with Arnold? It appears that the 21st Century may be when humans and robots clash in combat. We have robot Predator drones that fly around looking for Al Qaida, firing Hellfire missiles on suspects, etc.

Several Predators used on border patrol with Mexico have disconnected from their human operators due to computer malfunctions -- and crashed near people's houses, right here in the U.S.A. So your chances of getting killed by a robot in the future are improving, especially if you are a terrorist. But now even innocents may be in the cross-hairs of an automatic killing machine. Perhaps the Star Wars "clonewars" is not so far off after all.

Speaking of "robot killers," it appears the usual suspects, Al Qaida, were behind the attempted assassination yesterday of Ms. Bhutto that killed over 100 people. Once again, extremists can't stand leadership with moderate or secular views. Al Qaida knows that unlike Musharraf, Bhutto would let the U.S. chase Al Qaida out of its hide-outs in NW Pakistan.

Maybe we can persuade the South Africans to take their wayward robot gun to work in Osama bin laden territory...

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