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Friday, October 05, 2007

Ban Blood Rubies from Burma (aka Myanmar)

If Americans want to send a message to the junta smashing democracy in Burma (since the Generals renamed it "Myanmar" I refused to use that name), then here is something you can do.

Ask Congress to ban "blood rubies" from Burma - source of over 89% of the world's rubies, which are more expensive than diamonds on a per carat basis. Current law allows U.S. buyers to buy these gems which give the Generals over half billion dollars a year since they are cut outside of Burma. If we banned them regardless of where they are cut (since none are cut in Burma) it would hit the Generals in the pocketbook -- and could help the cause for freeing the people and monks from tyranny.

If we can support not buying "Blood Diamonds" from Africa (which are used to fuel civil wars) then why not ban "Blood Rubies" from Burma? Why not ask the Europeans to join us?

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