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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Which countries google "Sex" the Most? Or "car bomb"?

Photo: Pakistan (car?) bomb that nearly killed Ms. Bhutto today --the blast even broke her car windows

Neither sex or car bombs compare to the impact on our future from the disaster unfolding in the arctic.

Check out this intriguing article on which words are "googled" (searched) the most in various countries. It is both funny and, in one case, scary.

The word "sex" was searched the most in Egypt, India and Turkey. Ummmm. (Why is it the most conservative places score high on this one?)

The word "Jihad" was searched the most in Morocco, Indonesia, and Pakistan. (That should make everyone sleep great tonight, knowing Pakistan has nukes and Benazir Bhutto is back to fight for democracy and save the day).

The scary one?

The words "car bomb" is searched the most in - Australia, Canada and the United States.

Since India is the second most populous country in the world, jihad is happening in Pakistan, then what does this search trend indicate for the United States?

The other "wake up call" news is that we lost 25% of the arctic ice in just two years since 2005. The planet's arctic air conditioning system is being lost at a catastrophic rate. If the President is worried that doing something about global warming will "hurt" business, ignoring it will be even worse. Imagine how bad it will be for business to have a drought-covered, UV hot planet with dwindling fresh water caused by overheating after the arctic ice cap is gone a few years from now.

What's clear from these new facts is that we have no more time to waste. There needs to be a new global treaty, a "cap and trade" system, something! Fiddling while Rome burns is not a good idea. We need action now --and a pledge from all candidates from both parties -- to protect ourselves and future generations, from both car bombs and the even worse results from global warming.

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