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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good News in Iraq and Darfur

According to Michael O'Hanlon, a person whose opinion I respect since he is certainly not part of the policymakers in Washington says that, surprisingly, things are improving in Iraq. The new strategy is working. The only issue is will it have a chance before the troops come home.

The other good news is that FINALLY a UN force will be going to the Sudan to stop the killing in Darfur. Boy, that took long enough, but finally there is positive movement and action by our leadership that needed to be taken.

We need to also expand the UN force in Afghanistan, as the Taliban continue their killing of innocent South Korean and other foreign hostages. Under their rule women were beaten and even TV was banned - now TV shows are an Afghan favorite. Maybe its the place for the next "survivor" series...

Final note. Just before recessing for the month of August the US Congress criticized the Iraqi legislature for recessing for the month of August. And we learn that in the middle of this, the White House has banned flip flops and Tony Snow can no longer take a cup of coffee to the press briefings.

Ummmm, is it still full moon?

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