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Monday, March 13, 2006

Congress, Iran and Nuclear Proliferation

Iran has emerged as a real potential nuclear threat while our Congress leadership has allowed nuclear proliferation to endanger our future.

It was not Iraq, but Iran, that has posed the greatest danger to global security for the last decade. Iran has had an active nuclear development program for the 22 years DeLay has focused on navel gazing inside the beltway. Iran, unlike Iraq, has missiles with the range to carry hits on Israel and Europe. If those missiles carry a nuclear warhead, the power swings to a government ruled by religious extremists not unlike Hamas.

I was working in the Middle East area when Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran in the late 1970’s.

Congress missed it. So did the White House. This is another reason why I ran for Congress – the incumbent has been asleep at the wheel of our national security the entire 22 years he’s been there.

No? Then where is our border security after 22 years? Where was DeLay’s preparation for 9 11?

In 1994, I did a TV program about a potential terrorist attack against the U.S. in 1994 with a Reagan administration weapons expert, Dr. Ron Hatchett. On 9 11, DeLay was just one more running for his life before an airplane flew into the Capitol Building (it picked the Pentagon instead).

DeLay has ignored Iran’s threat to Israel’s and U.S. security while chasing another red herring, such as the Dubai Port issue.

Pierce Bush is right to say Dubai is a moderate state and that all the hysteria is misplaced. Dubai is not Iran. Dubai is not Osama bin laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan. I once swam in the Gulf waters in Dubai. The reality is that Dubai is more like a global Las Vegas. Iran is more like Salem Witch Hunt on steroids, with nukes. Besides, what company would manage a port only to blow it up? (The real issue is why we allow any foreign company to run all our ports?)

This Congressman has fumbled our foreign relations at every turn, ignoring real dangers while favoring lobbyist paid golf trips to Scotland and parties in the Marianna Islands instead of fact-finding trips to Tehran.
Maybe it was because DeLay was too busy getting paid Russian government money in return for an IMF vote and playing golf to notice that Iran has been building a nuclear industry? Because of his neglect, we now face a greater danger. Iran is no place for a bug killer expert in Congress.
The administration has made so many basic mistakes in our international relations that Congress and its leaders could have caught or modified, but hasn’t. Now Americans are paying the price in a loss of security -- and will until we replace the self-absorbed incumbent with someone who can pay attention to protecting us from global threats.

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WhipDelay22 said...

My Breakfast Tastes Bitter…

You know what this country needs, Captain Obvious? This country needs more Monday-morning quarterbacks like yourself. You’ve been telling the good people of the Deuce-Deuce, “I told you so,” for the past 5 years, but you’ve yet to take one stride in the right direction. Quit pointing fingers and do something productive.

What are you going to accomplish in terms of protecting the homeland and ensuring the safety of hundreds of millions of Americans by sitting on your rear-end typing these ridiculous blog entries?

If you’re so good at what you do, why aren’t you doing it? If you’re such an expert negotiator, how is it that you can’t even negotiate yourself some sort of job?

Let’s be honest for a moment, Fjet… You claim to have more experience than most politicians combined, yet you feel the only way you can make a difference is if you criticize the current administration and the people that represent this area. You claim to have counseled fortune 500 companies in the 70’s, but incase you haven’t opened a curtain in the past 35 years, we aren’t driving Ford Mavericks, nor are we still wearing dingo boots- so perhaps you need a refresher course in reality.

I used to be a big fan of yours Michael, but it seems you’re all talk and no show. It’s time to mount up cowboy. At some point you need to put your big boy pants on and stop throwing stones from the sidelines. Get a job, and start making a difference. If you actually had something to do, you might spend less time criticizing the people that are at the very least, trying to help.

Common sense don’t come cheap these days, Captain. Pop a lude and figure out your next step. But don’t continue to insult the people that voted for you by acting like a 13 year-old child. My cousin’s brother ain’t so happy right now – and he drives a Honda. Do you know what that means?

Still a fan, but it’s growing old…