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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When "Christians" Act Like Ayatollahs - Beware the hypocrites

In a news article today, DeLay was quoted as saying, "we have been chosen to live as Christians at a time when our culture is being poisoned. ... God made us specifically for it. ... Jesus Christ himself made us just so that we could live in this nation at this time."

He should have added: “Jesus Christ himself made us just so that we could live in this nation at this time as the perfect examples of hypocrites.”

DeLay gets three ethical admonishments and then has the ethics panel Republicans axed from ALL their committees. That’s Christian?

DeLay had my highway signs stolen in 2000 when I first ran against him and he didn’t have any. In 2002, when I filed for the primary a second time, he had me kicked off the ballot. That’s Christian?

In 2006, after outspending three, mostly self-financed opponents ten to one, DeLay claims “liberal interest groups” paid us. My FEC reports show this is a big lie – no George Soros donated to me, but a lot of regular people in the district did. Is lying and cheating Christian? I don’t think so.

These deliberate deceptions are by a man being praised by this group as a “Christian.” Mr. DeLay, you are to Christians what Osama bin laden is to Muslims—an extremist who has lost sight of his religion’s true teachings of compassion, respect and values.

Your real God is money and power, both of which you are now losing. I know a lot of real Christians. You are a poor role model of how a Christian behaves.

I think Rev. Lynn hits the nail on the head:
Rev. Barry Lynn, who heads Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said the gathering [where DeLay spoke] was more about partisan politics than religion or cultural values.
"This 'war' is nothing real," Lynn said in a telephone interview with Cox News Service. "The fact is Christians in America are a cultural majority, and they are an extremely powerful group. But what you have here are second-tier preachers who are hoping to hit the big time, desperately hoping for a national spotlight ... ."
In other words we have Christian Ayatollahs like Pat Robertson, who called for the assassination of foreign leaders he doesn’t like and even demanded the bombing of our own State Department. How Christian is that? This is the crowd represented by Mr. DeLay.
Some of them emailed me before the Iraq invasion, and said how they HOPED the Iraq war would turn into Armageddon! It’s definitely turned into hell.
Moderates have won in Israel. We need the same in America and the Middle East.
We need Muslim moderates joining with Christian moderates and Jewish moderates –taking power away from the nut cases in the Left Behind Armageddon wing of the GOP headed by the likes of Ayatollah Tom DeLay.
In the nuclear age, we need to do this as quickly as possible. We need to do this before another “Armageddon” target comes along for them to get excited about.


FBRepublican2000 said...

Bitter much?

Texas Viking said...

Bitter? More like fed up with hyprocrites who lie.

I was OK about losing, but when DeLay started accusing us of taking money from Soros, it made me fighting mad. Where is my check? It shows how low he will go.

I feel sorry for the misled souls who consider him a role model for anything other than corrupt politics.

FBRepublican2000 said...

Delusional much?

You have video, tape or print on that?

Thanks for your pity.

misled soul

Texas Viking said...

Delusional about what? There is video/audio of Pat Robertson calling for bombing the State Department and for killing a foreign leader, yes.

I also did a video in the mid-90's on the potential of terrorism coming to the U.S. --was that delusional also?

As I recall DeLay was obsessed with a President's sex life while I was obsessed with the potential of an attack on the U.S. If that's delusional, so be it.