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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Republicans Pick the Indicted Candidate - What Kind of Moral values?

Yesterday Republican voters picked a Congressman indicted on a felony as their candidate over THREE other candidates with more qualifications than DeLay had as a pest control expert. They chose the one with the darkest ethical and legal cloud hanging over his head.

What kind of values are these?

Mr. DeLay is under separate investigation by the federal authorities involving lobbyist abuses. He has had at least three recent ethical admonishments. DeLay promptly flew off for a lobbyist-sponsored fundraiser in DC scheduled for election night! I thought this was the party of moral values?

I heard some Republican activists say last night that they thought that an indicted Republican was better than any of the other choices. That is strange and twisted thinking.

It’s really about power, not values when folks say that DeLay is better than Tom Campbell, a lawyer who worked for Bush 41 or Mike Fjetland, an international negotiator, or Pat Baig, a former teacher who has lived overseas. However, the majority went with the poster boy for ethical abuses who flew in a lobbyist jet of RJ Reynolds, the tobacco company, to his indictment hearing in Austin.

This is about the future of this party that has lost its moral compass.

To me, moral values means not endorsing anyone indicted for a felony, be it Tom DeLay or Al Capone. People don’t get felony indictments for jaywalking. One has to be living on the edge to even be in the running for that. DeLay went after Clinton on a Misdemeanor, yet laughs off a felony. I saw people applauding that.

I thank the voters who picked ANY of the three of us. Unfortunately the bar is set very low. We have already set a higher standard of values than that represented by Mr. DeLay.

ANY of the choices left on the ballot in November (including the independent and former Rep. Stockman who may be far out there but isn’t under any felony I know of) beats electing a Republican indicted felon to represent the district we live in.

If this is the America of Abe Lincoln and George Washington, then even electing an un-indicted Democrat in November is a better choice than returning a corrupt Congressman to office, especially after he’s penalized teachers, veterans, etc….

In 2002, DeLay won with 80% after knocking me off the ballot for most of the primary. In 2006, he was down to 62%, so he is in decline.

My fight continues against corruption in our government, whether I’m a candidate or not…

1 comment:

WhipDelay22 said...

Your blog is my breakfast!

You fought one hell of a battle, Captain. I can't thank you enough for bringing the "spirit" back to our District. But win or lose, there's always room for improvement - and for you, the gap is growing. You’re my boy Captain, but let's be real for a second. Are you really calling 20,000 voters in the "Deuce-Deuce" stupid? Is that really a good move politically for you? Relax for a second and breathe partner.

Whether you like the Bugman or not, the guy has done some pretty impressive things for this area. Nobody likes a poor sport Michael, and telling 20,000 people to go jump in a lake is not the smartest of options.

As much as I don't agree with Tommy Boy and some of the decisions he's made - he ain't guilty yet, Captain. You of all people (you are a lawyer, right?) should know that. If he's guilty of anything, he's guilty of trying to advance the Republican Party. (It pains me to say that) So at the very least, we need to thank him for that and MOVE ON! But DO NOT call the man a felon - let the children do the name calling.

Bottom-line, Michael --if we were holding a Mr. Nice Guy contest, you would've won by landslide. You’re likable, a hard worker and one day you'll make a decent Congressman - if not here on plant Earth perhaps in some parallel universe or in Norway. (j/k) Your spirit (however strange it might be) is matched by few, and your work ethic (classified ads in Sunday’s paper) is amazing. But - for real brother, you never really had a chance -although you got my vote and my cousin's brother’s vote.

You need name-ID, Mike. This region needs you. We do need a fresh breath of political air. Have you ever thought about running for School Board? You love kids (if they could've voted, you would've won in a friggin' land slide) and teachers adore you. You need to continue to teach, preach and politic. Run for Mayor or something fun like that. Let Wallace go spend his money at the mall. Maybe you could go back to school and become a chiropractor. (You do have a way of “straightening” people out!)

Who knows! All I know is that I need you to stick around and stay heard. Don't shy away in the next few months. Continue to be a pest (you’re good at it) and continue to hold people accountable.

Fight, fight, fight.... but don't lie down.

*Oh, and endorsing Lampson – I’ll be honest- that was stupid. Don't tear down our party by saying things like that.

Get some sleep, and take your bride out to dinner (and not IHOP this time) - she's earned a good meal.