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Saturday, March 25, 2006

DeLay and the Russians – The $1 Million for 1 Vote

DeLay and the Russians – The $1 Million for 1 Vote

Russians had "sources inside the American Central Command" and that intelligence was passed to Saddam through the Russian ambassador in Baghdad.

This is according to news reports released today. It reminded me of Mr. DeLay’s connection to the Russians – in 1998 he and Mr. Abramoff got the Russians to donate $1 million to a U.S. charity –after Mr. DeLay said publicity he was against IMF funding. Once the $1 million was paid, DeLay changed his position and voted for the IMF bill Russia wanted passed.

Passing it through a charity doesn’t launder the fact that money changed hands to influence a foreign policy vote by a sitting U.S. Congressman. In the old days this was called a bribe.

It was after this Russian deal, if I can keep the DeLay/Abramoff Enron-like series of deals straight, that DeLay and Abramoff went off to the Marianna Islands to party (and ignore poor labor conditions for women and children) and Scotland to play golf at one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Yep, this is the very same Abramoff that Mr. DeLay claimed “he didn’t know” in an 8-page letter he sent out during the campaign we just wrapped up.

Now we find out the Russians have a mole in our Central Command that tipped off Saddam about the 2003 operation -- and is probably still there tipping off Mr. Putin who has been a busy boy taking away the rule of law in Russia.

So, we have Congressman taking money from a foreign government for his vote. Maybe that explains why Mr. DeLay lost his voice when it came to protecting democracy in Russia as Mr. Putin’s rivals are put in jail and newspapers are puppets of the government or closed down.

Apparently, DeLay has not desired to bite the hand that gave him a $1 million donation/bribe (pick one or both), laundered through a charity, whose use of the money is questionable and is under federal investigation.

We need to find the mole and replace any Congressman or woman who takes money from a foreign government for their vote.

As someone who was a TV terrorism advisor on 9 11, it is my opinion this situation puts the U.S. in a very dangerous situation, externally and internally.

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