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Monday, March 06, 2006

Granny Turns 102 Today - Voters are looking for a Good Place to Land

“Kudos” to Channels 2, Channel 13 and Channel 39 for their public service this election – all of them have given District 22 candidates airtime and treated all equally. Channel 2’s pieces have aired. Channel 13 is doing something today.

Public service no-shows so far this year have been Channel 26 and Channel 11. NPR gets a stick for interviewing two candidates then talking only about one.
Fox National broadcast an interview with Mr. DeLay -- all by himself. I saw it while eating lunch at Larry’s Mexican restaurant in Richmond.

This is not a democratic level playing field. If that procedure controlled our courts, only one side would ever get to present its case. I am ready for an end to one-sided politics and journalism.

I give thanks and awards also to the community press, especially the many ethnic papers that are more American than those claiming to be. Most of them carried all candidates, printed our press releases and were fair. District 22 now looks like the UN and they are a vital information sources. These new Americans have a real thirst for American justice and equality.

My wife’s grandmother turned 102 today. We will do a birthday party to celebrate. Meanwhile, I will keep talking to the people of this district. They are fair and balanced.

I feel good about this. Yesterday Laura and I traveled from the west to the east side of the district, ending at an interfaith music event at the Clear Lake Baptist church. It was wonderful. The campaign also led to my discovery of bluegrass gospel. It is really upbeat and fun.

I believe integrity and honesty are needed in Washington like a spring shower. My international skills are also vital. We face great, global and local risks. You know my agenda. It’s been public for years. I treat all with justice, respect and fairness. My focus is the people of the district -- our vets, teachers, elderly, kids, etc.-- not lobbyists.

Final thoughts. The voters are like a flock of quail, looking for a place to land. When I filed December 9, no one else had filed, not even DeLay. So everyone who filed after me knew they were splitting the vote.

I’ve never been to Norway but in Norwegian I’m told that “Fjet” means good (so Fjet land is “Good land”). Norway is mostly mountain and sea. Good land is hard to find. Good representatives are also hard to find. I invite those voting quail to come settle in Fjetland.

Try it. You’ll like Fjetland.

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