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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Planet Sugar Land - “I Feel Free”

Yesterday I got a reminder that it is good to get away from “Planet Sugar Land” and see life in the real world where not everyone drives an SUV and has a safety net.

We stopped near the Houston Ballet for a quick breakfast, so my wife could go to work. As we were eating, I glanced up and noticed the man sharing our table was eying my breakfast. He was nursing a bottle of water.

I asked him if he had eaten. He shook his head no. After the campaign my wallet is on the thin side, but I gave him a couple bucks anyway. He promptly got up and bought himself a huge plate of eggs for a buck and sat down to eat. He said it made his day. It was a reminder to me that there are many in this world that need a break. Later that day, a new client gave me a check so it all worked out.

I saw an article yesterday in which Mr. DeLay said, “I feel free,” now that he no longer is the majority leader and can go out and smoke a cigar between votes. That is the freedom that comes from being in a free fall after losing power.

I am feeling free, but in a different way. My mission has been accomplished – I ran against corruption and malfeasance in office. Now the legal and political system can take over, and I am content with that. My six-year mission is accomplished. People are coming out of the woodwork to run in this race this fall.

Now I can move on to what I truly love and where my experience is -- international negotiations! I just read a fascinating article by a University of St Thomas professor on the limited options open to the Bush administration on dealing with a nuclear Iran. When I get permission to publish I’ll pass on some of his proposed solutions…

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