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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Liberal Media Favors the Wrong Candidate in this Race

Yesterday I felt like a hot knife in butter all day.

Only a train blocking the road kept me from Pearland last night, but it didn’t matter. Only 400 people have voted in Pearland after a week of early voting. My strength over the years is in the area of the district that is having the highest turnout. It happens to be home to our church family and thousands of our friends who have voted for me for years.

Everyone I have been meeting is SO ready for a change in Congress -- and pledged their vote.

Many remember me from past campaigns. They know I have been challenging Goliath and his arrogance and corruption long before the indictments started coming in and the new people jumped in.

For years, conservative radio would give Mr. DeLay free airtime and leave me off during a primary (it just happened again this week on the Gray show). How American is that?

Now I see the same thing from the liberal media. I was the only candidate other than Mr. Campbell who gave a talk taped by NPR. Yet I received not a sound bite. So the left and right have found some common ground –neither side believes in giving equal time. That doesn’t sound like American democracy to me. I’m happy for conservative GOP primary voters to know that the liberal media is behind Mr. Campbell! LOL.

But none of that matters to me because only one thing does – the voters. Newspapers don’t vote, people do. People vote for someone who earns their vote. You can’t buy them. DeLay spent $1,100 per vote in 2004. I spent $2 for each of mine.

Voters tell me that they just don’t know who the other candidates are. They certainly don’t care who NPR, the New York Times or Washington Post think is the favored candidate.

The voters are telling me they don’t want ANYONE with prior Washington experience elected this time.

Remember that old movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” ? I always like Jimmy Stewart. We could use another Mr. Smith shaking up DC, even if he has a funny Norwegian name and has never been to Norway or Washington…

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