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Thursday, March 09, 2006

No Endorsement for Anyone Indicted for a Felony

I will NOT be endorsing Mr. DeLay in November.

I cannot endorse anyone running for office who has been indicted on a felony charge (after three Congress ethical admonishments and the sacking of the members of the ethics committee) --regardless of party.

My moral values won’t allow it. There are prisons full of people indicted on felonies who claim to be innocent. I won't be endorsing any of them for Congress either... If a guy holds up a gas station, it is a crime regardless of whether he is a Democrat or Republican.

I can understand them not voting for me, the avowed moderate, but they even rejected Mr. Campbell who had billed himself as “the ethical DeLay.”

How could they vote against an ethical alternative to DeLay? What kind of moral values are those?

There is trouble ahead for DeLay. Nearly 40% of partisan GOP voters voted against him. The Republicans who come out in November are more moderate (less partisan) and they are disgusted with the scandals, runaway spending, and corruption. It is about behavior and ethical conduct!

In a 60% GOP district that has a 40% Democrat base, a 40% drop in GOP support spells trouble for our imperial Congressman.

And that is before more evidence comes out in the federal investigation, to say nothing about the redistricting case before the Supreme Court, which eliminates DeLay’s argument that this is about politics and personal destruction.

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