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Thursday, March 30, 2006

NASA and the Congressman

And for something totally “funny,” read this story on NASA's dip into fantasy:

Apparently NASA’s administrator made a statement that sounded like an endorsement of Rep. DeLay. If so, it would be a violation of the Hatch Act. Never mind that. Look at the FACTS.

If Mr. DeLay has been such a good friend to NASA, why are our astronauts still riding around in 25-year-old Space Shuttles with 1970’s technology, when DeLay has been in office 22 of those years?

That’s like crowing you got the best Model T’s in town when the rest of the world drives SUV’s. With Congressional friends like that who needs enemies? Had a real "space nut" been in office that long, astronauts would be riding around in the equivalent of hybrid SUV's by this time...instead they remain grounded, waiting on more patches for the Model T...


MikeforPres said...

Mike my man easy bud, you seem to know allot about the 70's since you claim all your legal work was done in that time peroid. You know darn well the Model T's weren't in then, its more like a Chevy Nova. And who dosen't like a restored Chevy Nova, its just as American as you making a difference in American politics.

And lets face it, ole Tommy D dosen't call the shots at NASA he and the other congressman provide the funds, but they dont pick a hammer (no pun intended) and start working or building a new one.

You are a smart guy you must be to be an international lawyer in the 70's, but I am disappointed, a HYBRID MIKE!!! How is anyone going to get into space in a Hybrid. Now I am all for reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, but Mikey that stuff makes BIG POWER and by what I have seen on TV that shuttle is not a small machine.

Listen I am not trying to be rude here because I like you, I like you allot but you are really getting me on the chip here about this Tommy D deal. Listen you can point out what he does wrong, but it seems you might be somewhat bitter I dont know as they say in law leave the case in the court room. The guy who is on my bad list has obviously done something right to be elected 11 times for 22 years.

C'Mon You are better than that keep up the good work

Texas Viking said...

I was referring to the first car (Model T) vs. the first shuttle.

Cars have gone to hybrid power but our folks are still riding the same old machine, built with 70's technology. Sorry to confuse you with all that symbolism.

My point is that if you are in office you keep American ahead of the game. The Chinese are riding in newer space vehicles than Americans...duh!

I think his past focus has been on lobby money and power than thinking about next generation space technology...

But thanks for the thoughtful commentary.