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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A 22 year dream - Teacher in Space

Sometimes a dream takes decades to come true.

It's a dream delayed by over 20 years for Barbara Morgan, set to join the Endeavor crew in space today as the first "teacher in space." It's a program that stalled in 1986 when Challenger blew up with Christa McAauliffe, the first designated teacher in space.

Funny how life works sometimes: the backup becomes the first. But it was the first who opened the door to the backup teacher next in line.

We wish Barbara and crew the best of luck. Our children need to get focused on space, math and higher sights than watching Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's antics. It will take a new generation of scientists and teachers to keep America in the lead globally.

One of the other crewmembers on today's flight, Tracy Caldwell, says it was Christa's role that inspired her to see NASA as more than just test pilots - she become a chemist and is now an astronaut.

Ms. Morgan's trip into a new frontier will inspire a new generation like Ms. Caldwell.

Godspeed Endeavour...

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