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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here Comes Hurricane Trouble Houston

We are looking at the possibility of a Hurricane 5 getting into the Gulf of Mexico if Tropical Storm Dean continues on its present course. Next week could see it on our doorstep. Those folks who put off looking into XO Armor to protect your windows from hurricane debris are running out of luck fast.

And this. On Monday some nut drove by the KPFT radio station and fired several bullets into the building - nearly hitting a DJ in the head. When installed in layers, XO Armor stops bullets. See for yourself at this link.

I don't have time to call people on this; if you want XO Armor protection you are going to have to contact me. The bottleneck is installation, so don't expect to jump to the front of the line if you wait too long. Houses, hospitals, offices -- ALL are vulnerable. Once debris breaks a window the winds can take off the roof, not to mention the glass and water all over your pets, kids, computers, etc.

The day I have warned about is coming.

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