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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Erin's Rampage - And Putting It in Global Perspective

Photo: Collapsed bridge in China

It's odd but tropical storm Erin is killing more people than Category 5 Dean has - and it continues today in Iowa and Minnesota. Erin has caused floods that has drowned over two dozen people.

We should count ourselves lucky. Our recent mine disaster killed six (plus 3 rescuers) -- China's killed over 175 men when a mine flooded.

And the Minnesota bridge collapse that killed a dozen people should be considered against the bridge collapse in China -- in which over 47 people fell to their deaths.

In both cases there is a similarity; gross negligence. And poor leadership.

In Minnesota officials ignored deficiency reports for 17 years. In China the bridge was built without supporting rods so it would look "authentic" as an old stone bridge. Gross stupidity by those in charge is what we have in common.

Check out the new "Sky" feature of Google Earth. I hear it lets you take a tour of the universe.

Speaking of which, I have to fly. It is becoming a whirlwind...

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