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Monday, August 06, 2007

Rule of Law - in jeopardy here and abroad

The notion of the rule of law and fairness is in jeopardy, not only overseas but here in the U.S. as well.

Recently I've had people call me after getting notices of "default judgments" which were either faked or obtained via fraud. The faked one involves a case I had in which a guy who sold a house refused to move out after being paid. Then he sued the buyer! After the case was dismissed, the buyer then gets a mailed notice from a lawyer telling him he's in default! When I checked the court records (which were NOT available online so it required a time-consuming trek to Houston's civil courthouse), there was NO default - just an unsigned default the Plaintiff had filed. This is fraud. It happened recently on a case in Dallas - the lawyer took a default without notice despite knowing the defendant had an attorney.

When I call the lawyers to ask WHY they are trying to scare people into thinking there is a default judgment against them when there isn't, they don't return my calls. The public needs to be aware of this. And its not just lawyers - we have other odd things happening in the courts with judges, etc. It is happening right here in America.

On the foreign front, Afghanistan's Karzai was at Camp David over the weekend - saying how much WORSE it was. And yet there sits bin laden across the border in Pakistan's mountains, where they can feed more Taliban thugs to burn schools and cut girls off from education, and worse. Pakistan is still the key, and a major threat if its nukes fall into an extremist government. I saw this happen before - when I was a young attorney who was supposed to go to Iran to work on a naval base being built - since before Ayatollah Khomeini toppled the Shah..

And Khomeini's rule of law was Sharia (religious) law...with the Taliban being the most extreme, like Osama bin laden. Combine that with the Internet and their video editing machine and nukes and the mix is dangerous, and apparently getting worse according to Karzai.

Therefore I recommend that we send one of these "flying cars" to Osama bin laden for aerial testing (such as, will it dodge a missile? Does it have a parachute if flown upside down?).

Sometime isn't working over there either...changes are needed in our system and theirs.

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