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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Hurricane That Killed in the Midwest

No, not Dean. Erin --which was more of a tropical storm than hurricane when it hit Corpus Christi last week -- has killed 25 people over 1,000 miles away. It dumped over a foot of rain that drowned people and caused property damage as far north as Minnesota!

So, hurricanes are not just a coastal problem. They affect people across the country. Imagine if Erin had been a Category 5 like Dean when it came ashore in South Texas.

Just before Dean hit, I was getting frantic calls from people "wanting XO Armor now." That frantic feeling seemed to stop when Dean drifted south. People need to realize that another one of these brewing up is just a matter of time. Preparation takes time and we need to be acting as if another one could show up next week - because it could.

Luckily Dean is heading for a sparsely populated area of Mexico after just missing Cancun. Don't expect luck to strike twice in the same place.

Did you see the report on the CIA mess up before 9 11? Truth is, even with people paying attention it could happen again. The Internet is alive with people trying to recruit future terrorists (not just from the Middle East).

I have had glass office towers asking for XO Armor to give them car bomb protection. Hospitals need it to continue operating 24/7 even in an emergency without blowing in water and glass debris from breached windows. Schools and homes need it to keep glass out of the kids feet when tree limbs or baseball's come flying...

In the good side: Brad Pitt showcased a replacement house in New Orleans -- in the Lower 9th Ward flooded by Katrina -- that uses solar panels to cut electricity use by 75%. If every house built used this technology energy consumption would plummet and people would save huge amounts of money they now pay for power. I wouldn't mind paying 75% less than the $250 I spent on lighting an apartment last month.

We don't reach the height of hurricane season until late September. Anything is still possible.

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