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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forget Erin; It's Hurricane Dean to Worry About

Erin is rolling over Corpus Christi today - no big deal. The potential killer storm is Dean - which is ALREADY a hurricane way out in the Atlantic.

And its tracking down the "slot" which leads to the Gulf of Mexico. Here is the latest projected path of Dean.

So by Monday we could be looking down the barrel of a Category 4 storm with most of Texas as a potential target. OR it could end up back in New Orleans. Who knows. Keep your eye on this bad boy.

Any day we'll be releasing a major announcement on XO Armor. Two weeks ago people were still thinking they had all the time in the world to get it. Now we have maybe a week before a major storm hits somewhere in our area. And every year will be like this.

People are vulnerable until they have XO Armor protection. There really isn't anything else like it - about the only other thing is heavy shutters which still don't keep the glass from breaking and keep you from seeing what is happening outside. XO Armor can take a 200 mph hit with a 2x4 in a storm and still not penetrate your window...

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