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Friday, August 31, 2007

Flashes of Light

Woke to flashes of light this morning. No, not gun fire. The dark lake was being up lit like a light show. Some of the lightning was in a section of some very strange looking clouds hanging low over the lake. Yet there was no thunder.

It counts as a dramatic end to August, the month of the Dean scare.

The good news is that the feudal-thinking Taliban have released the last of the South Korean missionary hostage, after killing two of them. No doubt the Korean government paid $$$ to get them out.

What puzzles me is why they were over there riding around in a bus in a war zone like they were going on an outing in London or something. What mission were they on in a dangerous place like Afghanistan? Why didn't they have security?

If they were over there trying to convert people than they need a reality check.

And if the South Koreans really were there to do volunteer work than where were the S. Korean troops and security they should have had protecting them? The Taliban are everywhere once you are outside of the capital Kabul.

The problem isn't the ordinary Muslims living in Afghanistan - it is the extremist Taliban who impose their narrow view on the others. They don't want Muslim girls going to school (and are willing to shoot a few schoolgirls to prove it) or a secular society. It's a power struggle between moderates and extremists.

So who else is running around Afghanistan that might be kidnapped next? This is the country where the real planner of 9 11 has his base, with Taliban support -- Osama bin laden. Do you think he cares about foreign missionaries trying to convert Muslims in a Muslim country?

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