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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Texas Toast

After two months of solid rain in June and July, August has been a hot blast. Thank god for the nice break from a summer that is usually ALL heat. it was almost 100 today on the lake.

Mr. & Mrs. Duck have disappeared with the rain. I suspect they are in Maine or vacationing in the south of France.

I found a video of a speech I made 20 years ago, to a college group, on the need to be internationally aware as a population if we are to compete with countries whose citizens travel and have a global experience base (like Europe). The link is to the last couple minutes.

Twenty years later, the message remains the same. The U.S. has yet to achieve the level of global thinking required for us to maintain our leadership in this much more competitive century. It will require a smart, Global strategy.

A global, forward thinking President, for example, might propose to have Algeria's budding solar energy grow enough renewable energy to take Europe off Russia's oil, for their security. Russia has been known to cut supply to make a political point.

Only a more worldly education by the public will lead to voters picking competent leaders who know the world - to us to survive in this global century of opportunity -- and potential terrorism -- both on a scale never before seen by humanity.

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