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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Friends in Jamaica - 5-week old baby and Hurricane Dean

Photo: Category 4 Dean on the doorstop of Jamaica - coming our way

A Houston couple I know went with their kids and a 5- week old baby to vacation in Jamaica last week. They are now stuck there as Hurricane Dean is expected to hit with 145 mph winds (Category 4.)

Since yesterday dialing their hotel phone number generates a "You have reached a non-working number..." The phones didn't work yesterday and aren't working today.

The last word from someone who was able to get through before being cut off in mid-conversation was that the hotel was moving them to a "castle" located somewhere inland.

Riding out a storm with a 5-week old wasn't on the agenda. Last week there was not Erin or Dean when they left. When the storm blew up, they weren't able to fly out and the airport is now closed. Not having phone or Internet word from them is driving the family nuts. It could be days before we know what's happening to them. There are many other tourists in the same boat.

After Jamaica, Dean will continue coming our way. Stand by for updates..

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Jill said...

I hope they are OK. We were there last week and were scheduled to come home Friday, so we got out on the last possible day that wasn't a mess.

We like to think that we want to be away from news of the outside world when in Jamaica, but those who didn't have access to TV or radio wouldn't have known this was coming.

I hope that your friends -- and everyone else in Jamaica -- are OK and get through this as well as possible.