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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Category 5 Hits Mexico - Will Next One be as Big?

It's confirmed that Dean hit Mexico as a Category 5 - the biggest hurricane since Andrew hit Florida in the early 90's. Whole buildings can get shredded at 160 mph.

The question is, with the ice sheets shrinking and global warming no longer a moronic debate, how many more big storms will we get from here on out? In other words, with the planet hotter and having to throw off more heat via hurricanes, will the next ones tend to be larger Category 4 and 5's? Very possible.

I have to run out for meetings all day, but I sense people are thinking "it's over" I can relax now.

Big mistake. The peak of the season isn't until mid-September, and anyone within 100 miles of a coast is vulnerable.

I got XO Armor put on my house yesterday. A benefit I didn't realize was the sound dampening - it's a lot quieter inside than it was before. And the installer found one sliding glass door that seemed newer and was a lot weaker than the others. Now it can keep out rocks, flying street signs, dead tree branches at 150-plus mph, etc.!

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