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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dean Is Rolling Down "the Slot"

Photo: Saturday at 3 pm - Not a single pool lizard in sight. This shot is as odd as an alien sighting.

Dean seems to be rolling right down the "slot" that puts it in the Gulf of Mexico next week. The only issue is where the steering currents will push it - from northern Mexico/South Texas to Louisiana.

We aren't the only ones with a disaster in the making. Poor Peru. After suffering an 8.0 earthquake, the U.S. is sending a few military doctors and $100,000! Not even a measly $1 million to help. Not even a statement of concern by the President. Morale: If you have a major disaster, don't expect us to do much, especially if we are on vacation! Our leadership could at least try pretending to be concerned about other folks' disasters. No wonder why America is not liked very much worldwide.

Speaking of which, Texas Governor Perry wanted a "Hurricane Czar" to dictate decisions when a storm like Hurricane Dean/Katrina rolled in. Thankfully, the regional leadership is not in favor of leaving it in the hands of one person. They are taking a communal approach.

I don't want a political appointee calling all the shots in a disaster. We don't need a "HeckofAjob Brownie" being our "Hurricane Czar." The local county judges and Mayors need to have input and were elected to look after their community. Good call on their part.

I'm getting XO Armor installed on my windows Monday afternoon - just in time for Dean's arrival in the Gulf. Then, if it swings our way, I can watch 2x4's, street signs and tree limbs bouncing off the windows instead of having sheets of rain and shards of glass destroying everything inside the house. A 2x4 --or street sign--will go right through that plywood people have been using!

With XO Armor installed, my windows can take a hit at 150 mph with a 2x4 and I'll still be dry instead of picking glass shards from my feet and wood chips from my teeth - because XO will stop storm debris from breaching the glass. Predictions are that Dean will be at least a Category 3, maybe 4 --Katrina was a high 3.

If it hits we'll need more than time to "duck and cover."

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