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Monday, August 27, 2007

A rare solution

I've been hearing some interesting things when I talk to people about window security. On Thursday a business owner who happens to be a Mayor of a large city advised me that his people had looked for a solution for two years - but none of the options looked easy or inexpensive until they heard about XO Armor.

In this case an engineering company had spent months looking at the building and were recommended drilling a bunch of holes, etc. Even though the glass doors would have been unprotected.

With XO, the doors are covered with everything else. You can still enjoy the glass view, yet know that its working 24/7 to keep out burglars, UV, heat and 150 mph debris. They pose no threat to your security with XO Armor on the windows, unlike just plain glass.

From news reports, if we leave Iraq with Maliki still in power, Iran wins. This will pose a threat to our own security, as much as mother nature's storms do. Stay tuned.

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