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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Perfect Storm - Extremists of all stripes

If you didn't catch the "God's Warriors" series by Christine Amanpour (on CNN) about the extremists of the world's three major religions, I suggest you check it out -- even if it is a 6-hour program.

Something I discovered from the program: Extremists from all three religions --Muslim, Jewish, Christian--had one thing in common: The idea of mankind taking an active role in bringing about Armageddon.

Never mind that such things ought to be avoided by people -- and left to God's. Nope. These folks want to speed up the clock. In their minds, killing for God is ok and speeding up "the end" is also OK (personally, I think God would object to people using his name to kill other people).

Which brings me to the point:

With folks wanting to encourage destabilization of the a world stuffed with weapons, conventional and nuclear, then future security efforts are a must.

That means personal security as well as things governments do (and can't do).

And personal security means XO Armor.

Fortunately, the hurricane grade film when applied with the special DOW caulking includes blast protection -- from things like car bombs. I went to a building yesterday where they had searched for a solution to protect their windows for two years. They were facing an expensive operation by a contractor who wanted to drill a bunch of holes in their building, to support heavy shutters that don't cover glass doors and don't work if not closed. They thought XO Armor was a perfect solution --a film on the inside of all the glass. Easy to install and 24/7 protection, plus cutting out UV and heat loss and potential burglaries... I've got it on my windows.

With people actively trying to bring about the end of the planet we should expect more bombings and other stupid acts. In Iraq, Muslims are now killing other Muslims. Everyone has become a target. New York, Washington, London, Paris, Madrid, Bali - are just the beginning until people like Osama bin laden (and Time McVeigh) are out of action and fashion.

While we strive to minimize stupid thinking and the poor excuses being used to kill each other (including the inexcusable, sick, barbaric act of fighting dogs to the death), it is also wise to protect yourself.

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